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Les élèves de 2nde et de 1ère de la Section OIB se sont rendus à Cambridge, Oxford et Londres du 5 au 9 février dans le cadre d’un voyage intitulé « Culture and Academia ». Les élèves étaient logés dans des familles ce qui leur a permis d’appréhender de plus près la façon de vivre à l’anglaise.

A Londres, les élèves ont visité le « British Museum » à Londres où ils ont pu voir des œuvres en provenance des continents africains et asiatiques. Ils se sont plus longuement arrêtés sur les marbres d’Elgin qui ont été l’occasion d’engager une discussion autour de l’appropriation des œuvres d’arts et de la propriété des monuments historiques. Au « Museum of London », les élèves ont pu s’instruire sur l’histoire de la ville ce qui leur a permis de mieux situer le contexte des œuvres littéraires étudiées en classe de littérature anglaise. Les élèves se sont également rendus au musée « Tate Modern » et se sont promenés le long de la Tamise.

A Cambridge, les élèves ont visité diverses universités prestigieuses, le musée des sciences et se sont arrêtés dans la chapelle que Lord Byron fréquentait.

A Oxford, les élèves ont visité l’université « Trinity College », le musée de l’histoire de la science ainsi que le « Ashmolean Museum ».

Les élèves sont rentrés ravis de ce voyage comme l’atteste ci-dessous le témoignage en anglais de Maria Fakhouri, élève de 2nde :

“ From the 5th to the 9th of February, the students from the British Section, from 2nde and 1ere along with 3 teachers-supervisors travelled to Cambridge. We stayed in genuine and amazing host families that helped us get a better sense of the English culture and we honestly could spend hours and hours talking about this trip because of all we experienced and learned. It was educational and enriching.
In London, we visited the British Museum where numerous cultures met, with Egypt, China, Japan, Africa etc. represented in the best way possible. We specifically went to see the Elgin Marbles to reflect on the appropriation of art and the property of monuments (The Parthenon Sculptures). At the Museum of LONDON, The history of the city was traced for all the visitors and we honestly were taught so much from the Great Fire to nowadays. We could see the context of the literature we are studying.
In Cambridge, we visited several prestigious colleges (Caius and Goneville College), in which we caught a glimpse of our future, along with the Museum of Science. We sat in the chapel where Lord Byron had sat and felt we understood better his conditions and his position as a student.
In Oxford, we had a 2nd tour of important colleges such as the Trinity College, a visit of the Museum of the History of Science and the ASHMOLEAN, the oldest museum in the world! It would be hard to imagine that so many pieces of clothing, ceramics, paintings and objects that date back to different centuries can all be present and complete each other so well in a single place. It was fun and joyful.
In London, we went on a promenade along the Thames and we found precious pieces of glass and ceramics. At the Tate Modern, we were given beautiful talks on Rothko and Yayoi Kusama and we sat on swings and took pictures from the last floor of all the magnificent city.
In Cambridge, we went shopping and visited the city, where we wandered around just admiring the beauty around us. Many of us came back with sweaters from the University of Cambridge and lots of sweets.
In Oxford, we had so much fun discovering the museums and the city. At the end of the day when we were returning to Cambridge, we sang along with a student who entertained us through the microphone at the front of the bus. The professors would tell us about the highlights with these microphones.
The three cities we visited were full of experiences ; new landscapes, new culture, new people… In fact, we are now more aware of the world around us ad all there is to discover.
It was unforgettable (and freezing).
The memories we made may be new, but couldn’t be more permanent,
The knowledge we acquired may be diverse, but couldn’t be more compact in our minds,
The bond we created between us may be invisible, but couldn’t be stronger.”

Maria Fakhouri

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